Wine Maker
Work Experience

Jan 2011 - Current. Hanna Winery. Sebastopol. CA - 50,000± cases Enologist. Part of the winemaking team. Running wine analyses. Preparing trial blends. Helping with vineyard maturity assessment. Sampling, reporting and estimates. Assisting with bottling and cellar.

April 2009 - Dec. 2010. (22mos) Sonoma Beverage Company. Healdsburg, CA. QA Department Supervisor. Overseeing lab and blending. Developed HACCP plan, GMP plan and operational procedures for the plant. Trained production staff in safety, MSDS and GPM/HACCP. Responsible for coordinating and releasing product to customers.

July 2008 – April 2009. (10mos) Oak Ridge Winery. Lodi, CA. - 300,000± cases Assistant Winemaker. Participating in blending and tasting, writing work orders for production, shipping, receiving and bottling, overseeing the lab, monthly 702 reporting to TTB, and day to day communication with custom crush clients.

July 2007 – July 2008. (12mos) B.R. Cohn Winery. Glen Ellen, CA. - 50,000± cases Enologist. Helping the winemakers with their needs in the vineyards and current production. Running the lab. Maintaining the wine records. Wide spectrum of fun. – Harvest 2007 Review

July 2005 – Dec. 2006. (18mos) Simi Winery. Healdsburg, CA. - 500,000± cases
Lab Technician. Perform all analysis associated with production from crush through bottling. Perform routine analysis on grapes, juice and wine. Prepare analytical solutions and calibrate equipment.

Nov. 2004 – July 2005. (9mos) D’Argenzio Winery. Santa Rosa, CA. - 5,000± cases
Cellar Master/Assistant Winemaker/Assistant Administration. Organized and maintained cellar operations. Lab work (basic analysis, interpreting and implementation of lab results). Coordinated bench trials and tastings. Participated in wine making decisions. Maintenance of barrels, tanks, and equipment. Participated in label preparation (TTB approval), and bottling operations, and inventory.

June 2004 – Oct. 2004. (5mos) Domain Boyar Winery. Shumen, Bulgaria. - 500,000± cases
Internship - Winemaking Department. During my Bachelor Degree internship I had the opportunity to work directly with the winemaker’s team. I guided wine tours of the facility and led tasting of our wine in Bulgarian, French and English as well.

Aug. 2003 – Dec. 2003. (5mos) Chalk Hill Winery. Healdsburg, CA. - 25,000± cases
Internship – Cellar. During my full time trainee position I practiced the following skills: stirring barrels, pressing, emptying red fermenters, additions, topping barrels, crushing, de-stemming, red pump-over, lees filtration, racking wine out of barrels, laboratory analysis, juice racking, sanitizing tanks, and barreling juice.

July 2002 – Sept. 2002. (3mos) Targovishte Winery. Targovishte, Bulgaria. - 1,000,000± cases
Internship - Bottling Line. I was assigned there during my summer vacation from school. Full time position as a bottling process operator.

Feb. 2002 – April 2002. (3mos) Agriculture University Vineyards. Brestnik, Bulgaria.
Internship – Vineyards. I worked in the experimental field of the Agriculture University as a vineyard worker.


2005– 2008 University of Food Technologies. Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Masters  Degree, Technology of the beverages (Wine and Spirits) (GPA 3.5)

The graduation project was to create and calculate a winery and prove its profitability within 5 years - architectural, production, economical aspects.

2002 – 2004 University of Food Technologies. Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Specialist of Food and Beverages Quality Control
2 years certificate program of “Management of the Quality of Food and Beverages.”

2001 – 2004 Technical University. Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Manager in Industrial Management (GPA 3.7)
Simultaneously with my wine making degree, I studied as a part time student for three years. I degreed with straight A's (6.00/6.00) on my thesis and an average score 5.30 (max 6.00) from the whole course.

2000 – 2004, University of Food Technologies. Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Bachelors Degree, Engineer of Fermentation Products (Wine, Spirits and Diary Products) (GPA 3.5)
Studying everything in French, I finished with an average score of 5.22 (B+).

1995 – 2000, High Mathematics School. Shumen, Bulgaria.
My discipline was biology with intensive study in French. I earned a diploma there with an average score of 5.97/ 6.00.


Nov 2011 - March 2012 - Administrative Event Internship & Judge, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
2012 - Wine Studies: Wine Evaluation and Service Certificate @ SRJC
2011 - Wine Studies: Wine and Vines Certificate @ SRJC
2011 – Viticulture Certificate @ SRJC
2008 – TTB Compliance Seminar
2005 – 2007– Laboratory Management Course @ V&W Management
2005 – Seminar in Oak @ Vinquiry
2005 – Ammonia, PH, and Dissolved Oxygen Analysis Seminar @ Vinquiry
2005 – Wine Appreciation and Evaluation @ SRJC
2005 – Latest Enological Tools Seminar presented by Lallemand & Martin Vialatte @ Vinquiry
2005 – Wine Spoilage Organisms and Wine Sanitation Seminar @ Vinquiry
2005 – Sensory Evaluation Course @ Vinquiry
2002 – Vine Nursery Management Certificate @ Ag. University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
ASEV Member
WLASC Member
CERA Member (Sensory Committee) - Chair 2008


California's driver's license with clean record.
Forklift Certified.
Fluent in Bulgarian, English, French, Russian, Spanish.
Experience working with computers.
Using Winemaker's Database, AMS, AutoCAD, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Experience working in teams. Humor, passion and a can-do attitude.



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